About Michael

After growing up in the small working class town of Sayre, Pennsylvania in the rural Twin Tiers region, I became the only person in my family to earn a college education after finishing a B.S. in Physics at Pennsylvania State University. Awarded a full scholarship to pursue a Ph.D,  I studied a brief period at Colorado State University while researching high-energy astroparticle physics in connection with the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory. I left school early to pursue adventure in Shanghai, China.

In Shanghai, I taught test preparation and was interim manager at The Princeton Review. At Shanghai Normal University’s affiliated Cambridge International Centre, I taught physics to senior high school students using the UK-patterned CIE A-Level Physics curriculum. In 2011, I founded Newton American Education Studio to help prepare Shanghai’s students to enter and succeed at top US universities. In 2015, I married fellow science teacher Jenny Soriano and permanently relocated to Washington, DC.

Since middle school, I’ve used HTML/CSS/Javascript to build websites, and am now familiar with systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Salesforce as well as how to deploy simple LAMP stacks. I experiment with datasets using shell scripting, C, Python, Excel, and R. I’ve self-studied to an intermediate level of Mandarin Chinese, including reading and writing, and am trying to improve my Italian and Cebuano. I enjoy casual running and have finished two half-marathons. In Shanghai, I was one of the few Americans to dabble in cricket.